Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1740

Chapter 76


Rights under foreclosure.

The developer whose project is subject to an underlying blanket lien or encumbrance shall protect nondefaulting purchasers from foreclosure by the lienholder by obtaining from the lienholder a nondisturbance clause, subordination agreement, or partial release of the lien as the time-share intervals are sold. In the alternative, the developer may obtain the agreement of the lienholder to take the project, in the event of default by the developer, subject to the rights of the nondefaulting purchasers by (1) posting a bond, equal to fifty percent of the amount owed to the lienholder, (2) making an assignment of receivables equal to one hundred twenty-five percent of the principal amounts due from purchasers, (3) pledging collateral security equal to one hundred percent of the amount owed to the lienholder, or (4) entering into any other financing plan or escrow agreement acceptable to the lienholder.


  • Laws 1980, LB 945, § 40.