Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1735

Chapter 76


Commission; regulation of public-offering statement.

(1) The commission at any time may require a developer to alter or supplement the form or substance of a public-offering statement to assure adequate and accurate disclosure to prospective purchasers.

(2) The public-offering statement may not be used for any promotional purposes before registration and afterwards only if it is used in its entirety. No person shall advertise or represent that the commission has approved or recommended the time-share program, the disclosure statement, or any of the documents contained in the application for registration.

(3) No developer or sales agent shall in any manner refer to the commission or any member or employee thereof in selling, offering for sale, or advertising or otherwise promoting the sale of time-share intervals, nor make any representation whatsoever that such development has been inspected or approved or otherwise passed upon by the commission or any other state official, department, or employee.


  • Laws 1980, LB 945, § 35.