Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1721

Chapter 76



(1) Unless the purchaser expressly agrees to take subject to or assume a lien prior to transferring a time-share interval other than by deed in lieu of foreclosure, the developer shall record or furnish to the purchaser releases of all liens affecting that time-share interval, or shall provide a surety bond or insurance against the lien.

(2) Unless a time-share interval owner or his or her predecessor in title agree otherwise with the lienor, if a lien other than an underlying mortgage or deed of trust becomes effective against more than one time-share interval in a time-share project, any time-share interval owner is entitled to a release of his or her time-share interval from the lien upon payment of the amount of the lien attributable to his or her time-share interval. The amount of the payment shall be proportionate to the ratio that the time-share interval owner's liability bears to the liabilities of all time-share interval owners whose interests are subject to the lien. Upon receipt of payment, the lienholder shall promptly deliver to the time-share interval owner a release of the lien covering that time-share interval. After payment, the managing entity shall not assess or have a lien against that time-share interval for any portion of the expenses incurred in connection with that lien.


  • Laws 1980, LB 945, § 21.