Nebraska Revised Statute 75-429

Chapter 75


Switch stand lights and signals; operation; violation; penalty.

Each operator of any railroad in this state shall equip with proper lights all switch stands to each switch leading from all main tracks of such road on which trains are generally operated at night except lines fully equipped with automatic block signals. Lights or other signals may be ordered by the commission to be installed on switch stands to other switches, including crossover switches and lead track switches in yards adjacent to main tracks, when they are found reasonably necessary to safe operation after hearing held upon complaint or upon the commission's own motion. The lights upon such switch stands shall be in good condition constantly and shall be lighted and kept burning between sundown and sunrise and at such other times when, by reason of excessively foggy weather, the condition of such lights or signals would render operations unsafe both for the employees of such railroad and for the general public. Signals with reflex lenses may be substituted for lighted lamps under regulations prescribed by the commission and subject to the jurisdiction of the commission to order the removal of them, after complaint and hearing, if the signals with reflex lenses are found to be unsafe.

Any operator of a railroad in this state who violates any of the provisions of this section or who permits any such violation on the part of any employee shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.