Nebraska Revised Statute 75-325

Chapter 75


Transportation network company; duties; driver; duties; complaints; commission; powers.

(1) Every transportation network company shall:

(a) Provide the commission with its email address and customer service telephone number;

(b) Display for the passenger either a picture of the driver's personal vehicle and a picture of the driver or the license plate number of the driver's personal vehicle on the online-enabled application or platform that a transportation network company uses to connect drivers and passengers;

(c) Maintain an agent for service of process in Nebraska;

(d) Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all drivers providing services on behalf of the transportation network company, including the vehicle identification number for all personal vehicles to be operated in connection with the transportation network company;

(e)(i) Implement, enforce, and maintain a zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol applicable to any driver providing service for the transportation network company that prohibits a driver from using any amount of drugs or alcohol while the driver is providing service, (ii) provide a copy of the policy to the commission promptly upon adoption, and (iii) provide a copy of any revision to the policy promptly upon adoption;

(f) Implement an anti-discrimination policy that prohibits discrimination by any driver providing service for the company on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, or age and file the policy with the commission;

(g) Maintain a website that provides a customer service telephone number or email address of the transportation network company and that provides the telephone number and email address of the commission;

(h) Establish a driver training program designed to ensure that each driver safely operates his or her personal vehicle prior to the driver being able to offer services on the transportation network company's online-enabled application or platform;

(i) Maintain records required under sections 75-301 to 75-343 to be collected by the transportation network company, including records regarding participating drivers; and

(j) Cooperate with the commission and any employees, investigators, or duly authorized agents of the commission in the investigation of complaints received by the commission from the public or in investigations initiated by the commission.

(2) A transportation network company shall not allow a driver to provide service if the company finds the driver to be in violation of its zero-tolerance policy required pursuant to subdivision (1)(e) of this section or if the driver has not successfully completed driver training pursuant to subdivision (1)(h) of this section. The transportation network company shall provide on its website and its online-enabled application or platform notice of the zero-tolerance policy and the procedures to report a complaint about a driver with whom the passenger was matched when the passenger reasonably suspects the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of the prearranged ride. Upon receiving a complaint, a transportation network company shall immediately suspend the driver against whom the complaint was issued and conduct an investigation of the alleged violation. The suspension shall last for the duration of the investigation.

(3) If the commission has reasonable cause to believe a transportation network company is not enforcing the zero-tolerance policy filed with the commission, the commission shall investigate and, after notice and hearing, may enter an order requiring the transportation network company to enforce such policy, which may include suspension of the participating driver.