Nebraska Revised Statute 75-308.01

Chapter 75


Operational conditions; meetings of motor carriers authorized; purposes; joint-line arrangements authorized; joint rates; how treated.

(1) Any two or more motor carriers authorized to operate under a common tariff approved by the commission under section 75-118 or 75-304.01 shall be permitted to meet and review operational conditions of affected motor carriers for the following purposes:

(a) To study the ratio of expenses to income and general financial condition of the motor carrier industry in Nebraska;

(b) To determine whether any change or changes should be made in any commission-approved tariff;

(c) To consider the joint employment of technical assistance to accomplish the purposes set forth in this section;

(d) To determine whether it is necessary to file an application to make tariff changes; and

(e) To do all other acts necessary to accomplish the filing of a rate application with the commission.

(2) Motor carriers may establish joint-line arrangements for intrastate transportation of property to exchange or to interline freight that each motor carrier transports over a part of the joint route and to agree to a joint rate for the transportation service. Motor carriers may also collectively participate in, establish, and use a freight classification system and mileage guide that can be used to determine the rates for intrastate transportation.

(3) The laws of this state relating to competition shall not apply to motor carriers and other persons who carry out the activities described in subsection (2) of this section. The commission may regulate the activities described in subsection (2) of this section and shall investigate and issue orders when necessary to preserve the sound and efficient transportation of property by motor carriers.