Nebraska Revised Statute 75-121

Chapter 75


Emergency rate orders; when authorized.

To prevent interstate rate wars and injury to any common carrier or other person or in case of any other emergency to be judged by the commission, the commission shall temporarily alter, amend, or suspend any existing rates in force in respect to any common carrier or fix any such rates if none exist. The order prescribing an emergency rate shall describe the emergency and may be entered and made effective immediately. Within five days after the effective date of such order, notice of the rate shall be given to the common carriers affected in accordance with the commission's rules for notice. If an affected common carrier or other interested person files a protest to the granting of such rate within fifteen days after notice has been given, the commission shall notify the rate applicant and the protestant, hold a hearing, and issue an order within thirty days after the expiration of the time to file a protest. Emergency rate orders shall be subject to the provisions of section 75-139 and subject to review as provided in section 75-136.