Nebraska Revised Statute 74-549

Chapter 74


Shipments; stations without scales; weighing.

Wherever any carload lot of merchandise, coal, grain, or other property is delivered for transportation for hire to any railroad within this state, consigned to any person at a station on the line of the railroad or upon any other railroad within this state, where no track scale is located and maintained, and such car in the course of transit will not pass a track scale on the line of such connecting railroad, it shall immediately become the duty of such initial railroad to cause the same to be weighed in the manner required by section 74-548 on the track scale located nearest the station to which such car is consigned and to stamp upon the waybill for such car all of the matters required to be set out in the certificate provided for in such section. Where coal, grain, merchandise, or other property in carload lots is consigned to stations where track scales are located and the consignee requests the same to be weighed, the weights shall be taken, both gross and tare, with the car uncoupled, on such track scales at the point of destination.


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