Nebraska Revised Statute 74-1320

Chapter 74


Excise tax on railroads transporting freight; rate; collection; report; payment.

(1) There is hereby levied an excise tax on each railroad transporting freight in the State of Nebraska. Such tax shall be levied at the rate of seven and one-half cents for each train mile operated by such railroad in the state and one hundred dollars for each public grade crossing on the line of such railroad in the state. Such tax shall be independent of any assessment of costs for benefits received by the railroad from projects for the construction, rehabilitation, relocation, or modification of railroad grade separation facilities. The Department of Revenue shall collect the tax due pursuant to this section from each railroad transporting freight within the state.

(2) On each March 1, each such railroad shall submit to the Department of Revenue a report of its total train miles operated within the state during the previous January 1 through December 31 and the number of public grade crossings on its line in the state at the close of the previous year. All taxes shall be due on the date of reporting and shall be delinquent if not paid on a quarterly basis on April 1 and each quarter thereafter. Delinquent quarterly payments shall draw interest at the rate provided for in section 45-104.02, as such rate may from time to time be adjusted.

(3) As used in this section, train mile shall mean each mile traveled by a train in this state regardless of the number of cars in such train.


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