Nebraska Revised Statute 73-602

Chapter 73


Legislative findings and declaration.

(1) The Legislature finds that:

(a) Transparency in public procurement is an important tool to deter corruption and to maintain the public's trust in government contracting;

(b) Taxpayers deserve to know how and where their tax dollars are being spent;

(c) The economy and general welfare of this state and its people and the economy and general welfare of the United States are inseparably linked to the preservation and development of manufacturing industries in this state, as well as all the other states of this nation; and

(d) Recognizing such link, it should be the policy of this state that, whenever possible, taxpayer dollars be reinvested with its individual and employer taxpayers in order to foster job retention and growth and to ensure a broad and healthy tax base for future investments vital to the state's infrastructure.

(2) The Legislature declares that it shall be the policy of this state that the Department of Administrative Services shall quantify the portion of its procurement spending that is reinvested with taxpayers in this state and the nation.