Nebraska Revised Statute 73-502

Chapter 73


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 73-501 to 73-510:

(1) Contract for services means any contract that directly engages the time or effort of an independent contractor whose purpose is to perform an identifiable task, study, or report rather than to furnish an end item of supply, goods, equipment, or material;

(2) Division means the materiel division of the Department of Administrative Services;

(3) Emergency means necessary to meet an urgent or unexpected requirement or when health and public safety or the conservation of public resources is at risk;

(4) Occasional means seasonal, irregular, or fluctuating in nature;

(5) Sole source means of such a unique nature that the contractor selected is clearly and justifiably the only practicable source to provide the service. Determination that the contractor selected is justifiably the sole source is based on either the uniqueness of the service or sole availability at the location required;

(6) State agency means any agency, board, or commission of this state other than the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska state colleges, the courts, the Legislature, or any officer or state agency established by the Constitution of Nebraska; and

(7) Temporary means a finite period of time with respect to a specific task or result relating to a contract for services.