Nebraska Revised Statute 73-302

Chapter 73


State agency; duties.

(1) A state agency that seeks to enter into a contract described in section 73-301 with a private entity shall submit the following information to the Director of Administrative Services: (a) The proposed contract, (b) a review of the long-term actual cost savings, (c) the measurable goals for improving the quality of the service, and (d) an assessment of the feasibility of alternatives within the agency to contracting for performance of the service.

(2) In calculating the cost savings under subsection (1) of this section, the state agency shall project, for twelve months and for sixty months, the following:

(a) Direct costs, including salary and fringe benefits;

(b) Indirect overhead costs which shall include only those costs that can be attributed solely to the work in question and that would not exist if the work were not performed by state employees. Indirect overhead costs shall include the pro rata share of existing administrative salaries and benefits, rents, equipment costs, utilities, and materials;

(c) Any continuing or transitional costs that are directly associated with contracting for the work, including unemployment compensation and the cost of transitional services; and

(d) Additional costs of performance of the work by state employees, including the salaries and benefits of additional staff performing inspection, supervision, and monitoring duties and the cost of additional space, equipment, and materials needed to perform the services.