Nebraska Revised Statute 72-607

Chapter 72 Section 607


National monuments; concurrent jurisdiction with United States; when effective.

(1) Concurrent jurisdiction over crimes and offenses under the laws of the state shall be ceded to the United States over and within all the lands dedicated to national park purposes in the following tracts:

(a) The Scottsbluff National Monument;

(b) The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument; and

(c) The Homestead National Monument.

(2) The concurrent jurisdiction ceded by subsection (1) of this section shall be vested upon acceptance by the United States by and through its appropriate officials and shall continue as long as the lands within the designated areas are dedicated to park purposes.

(3) The Governor is hereby authorized and empowered to execute all proper conveyances necessary to grant the cession provided in this section upon request of the United States by its appropriate officials.

(4) The State of Nebraska shall retain concurrent criminal jurisdiction with the United States over all lands affected by this section.


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  • Laws 1987, LB 233, § 1.