Nebraska Revised Statute 72-271

Chapter 72 Section 271


Production of wind or solar energy; agreements; terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 72-270 to 72-274:

(1) Agreement means (a) for purposes of a solar energy system, a solar agreement as defined in section 66-909 and (b) for purposes of a wind energy conversion system, a wind agreement as defined in section 66-909.04;

(2) Board means the Board of Educational Lands and Funds;

(3) Lessee means any individual, corporation, or other entity that enters into an agreement with the board;

(4) Solar energy means radiant energy, direct, diffuse, or reflected, received from the sun at wavelengths suitable for conversion into thermal, chemical, or electrical energy; and

(5) Wind energy has the definition found in section 66-909.01.