Nebraska Revised Statute 72-234.02

Chapter 72 Section 234.02


School lands; lease; assignments; requirements.

No lease shall be assigned nor the assignment thereof approved by the Board of Educational Lands and Funds unless (1) the person to whom the lease is assigned is a resident of the State of Nebraska or, if a nonresident of the State of Nebraska, owns land adjoining the school land set forth in the lease to be assigned and (2) such assignee will operate the land for his own use and benefit.


  • Laws 1949, c. 212, § 8, p. 605;
  • Laws 1953, c. 254, § 1, p. 861.


  • Bonus was paid to get board to approve assignment. State v. Gardner, 156 Neb. 326, 56 N.W.2d 135 (1952).

  • In class action on behalf of all renewal leaseholders, this section could not be invoked where applicable only to some. Propst v. Board of Educational Lands & Funds, 103 F.Supp. 457 (D. Neb. 1951).