Nebraska Revised Statute 72-2303

Chapter 72


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act:

(1) Bond measure means a resolution or ordinance which authorizes bonds to be issued and sold in accordance with the act and which sets the terms of such bonds;

(2) Joint project means a project financed and operated by at least two or more qualified public agencies cooperating as a joint entity or joint public agency for (a) any public building or buildings and related improvements to real estate, including parking facilities, any recreational facilities and related improvements to real estate, any flood control and storm water drainage, and any street and road construction and improvements and related fixtures and (b) any item of hardware or software used in providing for the delivery of information, including the purchasing of upgrades or related improvements to information technology for the operation of libraries operated by counties, municipalities, school districts, educational service units, and community colleges; and

(3) Qualified public agency means any city, village, municipal county, community college, county, educational service unit, rural or suburban fire protection district, hospital district, school district, and sanitary and improvement district.