Nebraska Revised Statute 72-2210

Chapter 72 Section 2210


Office; facilities planning, construction, and administration; powers and duties.

(1) The office shall have the primary functions and responsibilities of facilities planning, facilities construction, and facilities administration for the State Capitol and capitol grounds and may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this section and subsection (1) of section 81-1108.38.

(2) Facilities planning includes the following responsibilities and duties:

(a) To maintain utilization records of the State Capitol and capitol grounds;

(b) To define and review program statements based on space utilization standards;

(c) To prepare and review planning and construction documents;

(d) To develop and maintain time-cost schedules for capital construction projects;

(e) To prepare annually a long-range plan for the commission, listing the maintenance needed for the interior and exterior of the State Capitol; and

(f) To assist the commission, the budget division of the Department of Administrative Services, and the Legislative Fiscal Analyst in preparing budget recommendations.

(3) Facilities construction includes the following powers and duties:

(a) To maintain close contact with and inspections of each project for the State Capitol and capitol grounds so as to assure execution of the highest quality work product, time-cost schedules, and efficient contract performance;

(b) To perform final acceptance inspections and evaluations; and

(c) To coordinate all modifications or change orders and progress payment orders.

(4) Facilities administration includes the following powers and duties:

(a) To provide or assure adequate administration and preservation maintenance of, repairs to, and custodial duties for the State Capitol and capitol grounds;

(b) To be responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and custodial duties necessary to preserve properly and maintain the State Capitol and capitol grounds;

(c) To report to the commission quarterly, or as prescribed by the commission, the time-cost data on State Capitol construction projects;

(d) To be responsible for parking on the capitol grounds; and

(e) To submit to the commission a final report on each State Capitol project. The report shall include, but not be limited to, a comparison of final costs and appropriations made for the project, change orders, and modifications, and a conclusion as to whether the construction complied with the related approved project purpose and program statement. Such report shall be required on all projects costing fifty thousand dollars or more and any other projects designated by the commission.