Nebraska Revised Statute 72-2010

Chapter 72


Niobrara Council; zoning duties.

The Niobrara Council shall review and approve or reject all zoning regulations, including existing regulations, new regulations, proposed regulations, and variances of any type including variances for use and location, which affect land in the Niobrara scenic river corridor that is not incorporated within the boundaries of a municipality. If the council rejects a zoning regulation or variance, the governing body enacting the regulation or variance has six months to present an alternative to the council. If no alternative is proposed or if the alternative is also rejected, the council may adopt zoning regulations for such area. In counties without zoning the council may develop and enforce zoning regulations within the Niobrara scenic river corridor under the guidance of the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act or under the guidance of the general management plan as written by the National Park Service. The council shall follow the requirements for zoning regulations in sections 23-114 to 23-114.05 and 23-164 to 23-174.10, except that no separate planning commission is required and the council shall fulfill the duties of both the county board and the planning commission in such sections.