Nebraska Revised Statute 72-1904

Chapter 72


Grants; application; considerations.

Applications for grants for the first year of the Nebraska Tree Recovery Program shall be received not later than July 1, 1994, and grants shall be awarded not later than October 1, 1994. In subsequent years the Nebraska Forest Service of the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife shall establish the date by which applications must be submitted, and grants shall be awarded not later than ninety days after such date.

The following shall be considered in reviewing a proposal of an applicant for a grant from the program:

(1) Grant money shall be used to plant or remove trees only on land owned by state or local governments, including parks, public grounds, and city rights-of-way;

(2) Trees shall be purchased from commercial Nebraska nurseries;

(3) The applicant shall provide funds to match the grant at a fifty-fifty match rate;

(4) Local labor may be considered as in-kind participation in calculating the amount of the applicant's matching funds required by subdivision (3) of this section;

(5) No state or local funds under the program shall be used to purchase real property;

(6) Tree species to be planted under the proposal shall be adaptable to Nebraska and the local area in order for such trees to grow and thrive;

(7) Arboricultural experts may be consulted at the local and state levels for expertise in developing local tree replanting programs;

(8) Local programs shall indicate a partnership between the applicant and property owners showing how to best replant and maintain trees for the first three years after planting; and

(9) Cities, villages, civic groups, students, and families should be involved in selecting, replanting, and caring for trees for the valuable educational aspects of the program.


  • Laws 1994, LB 695, § 4.