Nebraska Revised Statute 72-1711

Chapter 72


Tenant of business incubation center; duties; extension; when authorized.

A tenant shall:

(1) Pay rent to the community board in an amount to be determined by the community board. The community board may agree to have the rent for a predetermined number of months payable at a later date by which time the business is expected to have received committed starting capital;

(2) Pay utilities as determined by the community board; and

(3) Relocate to a permanent location not later than two years after entering a business incubation center, except that a business may request in writing extensions of this requirement for periods of not more than twelve months. The community board may grant extensions of up to twelve months at a time based upon a review of the factors in subsection (1) of section 72-1709. A tenant shall be given an opportunity to submit written information concerning those factors to the community board before the community board makes its decision approving or denying an extension.


  • Laws 1990, LB 409, § 11.