Nebraska Revised Statute 72-1305

Chapter 72


Application for lease; affidavit; contents; deposit for rental; sealed bids; when.

Applications to lease any such publicly owned farm lands shall be made to the department, commission, or board having charge thereof. Each such application shall contain an affidavit that the applicant desires to lease and operate such land for the applicant's own use and benefit, that the applicant will not sublease or otherwise dispose of the same without the written approval of the department, commission, or board, and will commit no waste or damage on the land nor permit others to do so. If two or more applicants apply to lease the same land, the department, commission, or board having charge of the same shall grant the lease to the applicant who, after investigation or hearing, appears to have the best qualifications according to the rules and regulations of such department, commission, or board; Provided, that the order of the filing of the application shall be given no consideration in the granting of such lease. Each application shall be accompanied by the amount due as rental for the first year for which the application is made. If, after due diligence and effort to lease such land upon application, the department, commission, or board is unable to lease part or all of the same according to its rules and regulations, it may at a stated time and after due notice receive sealed bids on a fixed cash rental basis and lease such land on the highest offer if, in the judgment of such department, commission, or board, it is for the best interest of the state to accept such bid.


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