Nebraska Revised Statute 71-9406

Chapter 71 Section 9406


Discharge plan; contents; instructions concerning aftercare tasks; documentation.

(1) As soon as possible after designation of a caregiver and prior to the patient’s discharge, the hospital shall attempt to consult with the patient or the patient’s legal guardian and the caregiver and shall issue a discharge plan that describes the patient’s aftercare needs. The discharge plan shall include, but need not be limited to:

(a) The name and contact information of the caregiver, as provided by him or her; and

(b) A description of the aftercare tasks necessary to maintain the patient’s ability to reside in his or her residence.

(2) The hospital shall provide the caregiver with instructions concerning all aftercare tasks described in the discharge plan. The instructions shall include, but need not be limited to:

(a) A live demonstration of or instruction in the aftercare tasks, as performed by a hospital employee or other authorized individual in a culturally competent manner;

(b) An opportunity for the caregiver and the patient or the patient’s guardian to ask questions about aftercare; and

(c) Answers to the caregiver’s, patient’s, and patient’s legal guardian’s questions in a culturally competent manner.

(3) The hospital shall document the instructions in the patient’s medical record, including the date, time, and contents of the instructions and whether the caregiver accepted or refused the offer of instruction.