Nebraska Revised Statute 71-940

Chapter 71


Person with mental illness or substance dependence; committed under other state's laws; return to other state; procedure; warrant issued.

The Governor may, upon demand from officials of another state, deliver to the executive authority of another state or his or her designee any person who is absent without authorization from a treatment facility or program for persons with mental illness or substance dependence to which such person has been committed under the laws of the other state either through civil commitment, as a result of being found not responsible for a criminal act by reason of insanity or mental illness, or as a result of being found not competent to stand trial for a criminal charge. The demand shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the commitment and sworn statement by the administrator of the treatment facility or program stating that (1) the person is absent without authorization, (2) the person is currently dangerous to himself, herself, or others, and (3) the demanding state is willing to accept the person back for further treatment. If the Governor is satisfied that the demand conforms to law, the Governor shall issue a warrant under seal of this state authorizing the return of such person to the demanding state at the expense of the demanding state.