Nebraska Revised Statute 71-931

Chapter 71


Treatment order; individualized treatment plan; contents; copy; filed; treatment; when commenced.

(1) Any treatment order entered by a mental health board under section 71-925 shall include directions for (a) the preparation and implementation of an individualized treatment plan for the subject and (b) documentation and reporting of the subject's progress under such plan.

(2) The individualized treatment plan shall contain a statement of (a) the nature of the subject's mental illness or substance dependence, (b) the least restrictive treatment alternative consistent with the clinical diagnosis of the subject, and (c) intermediate and long-term treatment goals for the subject and a projected timetable for the attainment of such goals.

(3) A copy of the individualized treatment plan shall be filed with the mental health board for review and inclusion in the subject's file and served upon the county attorney, the subject, the subject's counsel, and the subject's legal guardian or conservator, if any, within five working days after the entry of the board's order. Treatment shall be commenced within two working days after preparation of the plan.

(4) The subject shall be entitled to know the contents of the individualized treatment plan and what the subject must do in order to meet the requirements of such plan.

(5) The subject shall be notified by the mental health board when the mental health board has changed the treatment order or has ordered the discharge of the subject from commitment.


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