Nebraska Revised Statute 71-928

Chapter 71


Inpatient treatment; subject taken to facility; procedure.

When an order of a mental health board requires inpatient treatment of a subject within a treatment facility, the warrant filed under section 71-927, together with the findings of the mental health board, shall be delivered to the sheriff of the county who shall execute such warrant by conveying and delivering the warrant, the findings, and the subject to the treatment facility. The administrator, over his or her signature, shall acknowledge the delivery on the original warrant which the sheriff shall return to the clerk of the district court with his or her costs and expenses endorsed thereon. If neither the sheriff nor deputy sheriff is available to execute the warrant, the chairperson of the mental health board may appoint some other suitable person to execute the warrant. Such person shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation to faithfully discharge his or her duty and shall be entitled to the same fees as the sheriff. The sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other person appointed by the mental health board may take with him or her such assistance as may be required to execute the warrant. No female subject shall be taken to a treatment facility without being accompanied by another female or relative of the subject. The administrator in his or her acknowledgment of delivery shall record whether any person accompanied the subject and the name of such person.