Nebraska Revised Statute 71-926

Chapter 71


Subject; custody pending entry of treatment order.

(1) At the conclusion of a mental health board hearing under section 71-924 and prior to the entry of a treatment order by the board under section 71-925, the board may (a) order that the subject be retained in custody until the entry of such order and the subject may be admitted for treatment pursuant to such order or (b) order the subject released from custody under such conditions as the board deems necessary and appropriate to prevent the harm described in section 71-908 and to assure the subject's appearance at a later disposition hearing by the board. A subject shall be retained in custody under this section at the nearest appropriate and available medical facility and shall not be placed in a jail. Each county shall make arrangements with appropriate medical facilities inside or outside the county for such purpose and shall pay the cost of the emergency protective custody of persons from such county in such facilities.

(2) A subject who has been ordered to receive inpatient or outpatient treatment by a mental health board may be provided treatment while being retained in emergency protective custody and pending admission of the subject for treatment pursuant to such order.


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