Nebraska Revised Statute 71-902

Chapter 71


Declaration of purpose.

The purpose of the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act is to provide for the treatment of persons who are mentally ill and dangerous. It is the public policy of the State of Nebraska that mentally ill and dangerous persons be encouraged to obtain voluntary treatment. If voluntary treatment is not obtained, such persons shall be subject to involuntary custody and treatment only after mental health board proceedings as provided by the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or upon the order of a tribal court. Such persons shall be subjected to emergency protective custody under limited conditions and for a limited period of time.


Cross References

  • Persons supposed mentally ill, limitations on restraint of liberty, see section 83-357.


  • The Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act applies to any person who is mentally ill and dangerous. In re Interest of G.H., 279 Neb. 708, 781 N.W.2d 438 (2010).

  • One of the declared public policy purposes of the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act is that all personal records required by the act shall be confidential except as otherwise specifically provided. In re Interest of Michael M., 6 Neb. App. 560, 574 N.W.2d 774 (1998).