Nebraska Revised Statute 71-8927

Chapter 71 Section 8927


Order to cease distribution of drug; notice; hearing; powers of department.

(1) If the department finds there is a reasonable probability that (a) a veterinary drug distributor has knowingly and intentionally falsified documents relevant to the purchase, sale, or distribution of veterinary legend drugs or has sold, distributed, transferred, manufactured, repackaged, handled, or held a counterfeit veterinary legend drug and (b) such drug could cause serious, adverse health consequences or death, the department may issue an order to immediately cease distribution of such drug.

(2) Persons subject to any order issued by the department under this section shall be provided with notice and an opportunity for an informal hearing to be held not later than thirty days after the date the order was issued. If the department determines, after such hearing, that inadequate grounds exist to support the actions required by the order, the department shall vacate the order.