Nebraska Revised Statute 71-8918

Chapter 71 Section 8918



(1) An applicant for an initial or renewal license under the Veterinary Drug Distribution Licensing Act shall pay a license fee as provided in this section.

(2) License fees shall include (a) a base fee of fifty dollars and (b) an additional fee of not more than five hundred dollars based on variable costs to the department of inspections and of receiving and investigating complaints, other similar direct and indirect costs, and other costs of administering the act as determined by the department. If an application under the act is denied, the license fee shall be returned to the applicant, except that the department may retain up to twenty-five dollars as an administrative fee and may retain the entire license fee if an inspection has been completed prior to such denial.

(3) The department shall also collect a fee established by the department, not to exceed the actual cost to the department, for reinstatement of a license that has lapsed or has been suspended or revoked. The department shall collect a fee of ten dollars for a duplicate original license.

(4) The department shall remit all license fees collected under the act to the State Treasurer for credit to the Health and Human Services Cash Fund. License fees collected under this section shall only be used for activities related to the licensure of veterinary drug distributors.