Nebraska Revised Statute 71-8503

Chapter 71


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nebraska Telehealth Act:

(1) Department means the Department of Health and Human Services;

(2) Health care practitioner means a Nebraska medicaid-enrolled provider who is licensed, registered, or certified to practice in this state by the department;

(3)(a) Telehealth means the use of medical information electronically exchanged from one site to another, whether synchronously or asynchronously, to aid a health care practitioner in the diagnosis or treatment of a patient.

(b) Telehealth includes (i) services originating from a patient's home or any other location where such patient is located, (ii) asynchronous services involving the acquisition and storage of medical information at one site that is then forwarded to or retrieved by a health care practitioner at another site for medical evaluation, and (iii) telemonitoring.

(c) Telehealth also includes audio-only services for the delivery of individual behavioral health services for an established patient, when appropriate, or crisis management and intervention for an established patient as allowed by federal law;

(4) Telehealth consultation means any contact between a patient and a health care practitioner relating to the health care diagnosis or treatment of such patient through telehealth; and

(5) Telemonitoring means the remote monitoring of a patient's vital signs, biometric data, or subjective data by a monitoring device which transmits such data electronically to a health care practitioner for analysis and storage.