Nebraska Revised Statute 71-824

Chapter 71 Section 824


Post-adoption and post-guardianship case management services; notice; administration; evaluation.

No later than January 1, 2010, the department shall provide post-adoption and post-guardianship case management services for adoptive and guardianship families of former state wards on a voluntary basis. The department shall notify adoptive parents and guardians of the availability of such services and the process to access such services and that such services are provided on a voluntary basis. Notification shall be in writing and shall be provided at the time of finalization of the adoption agreement or completion of the guardianship and each six months thereafter until dissolution of the adoption, until termination of the guardianship, until the former state ward attains nineteen years of age, or until extended guardianship assistance payments and medical care are terminated pursuant to section 43-4511, whichever is earlier. Post-adoption and post-guardianship case management services under this section shall be administered by the Division of Children and Family Services and shall be evaluated. The evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, the number and percentage of persons receiving such services and the degree of problem resolution reported by families receiving such services.