Nebraska Revised Statute 71-7606

Chapter 71


Purpose of act; restrictions on use of funds; report.

(1) The purpose of the Nebraska Health Care Funding Act is to provide for the use of dedicated revenue for health-care-related expenditures and administration and enforcement of the Master Settlement Agreement as defined in section 69-2702.

(2) Any funds appropriated or distributed under the act shall not be considered ongoing entitlements or obligations on the part of the State of Nebraska and shall not be used to replace existing funding for existing programs.

(3) No funds appropriated or distributed under the act shall be used for abortion, abortion counseling, referral for abortion, or research or activity of any kind involving the use of human fetal tissue obtained in connection with the performance of an induced abortion or involving the use of human embryonic stem cells or for the purpose of obtaining other funding for such use.

(4) The Department of Health and Human Services shall report annually to the Legislature and the Governor regarding the use of funds appropriated under the act and the outcomes achieved from such use. The report submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically.