Nebraska Revised Statute 71-7447

Chapter 71 Section 7447


Wholesale drug distributor; licenses; requirements; exemptions.

(1) No person or entity may act as a wholesale drug distributor in this state without first obtaining a wholesale drug distributor license from the department. The department shall issue a license to any applicant that satisfies the requirements for licensure under the Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act. Manufacturers are exempt from any licensing and other requirements of the act to the extent not required by federal law or regulation except for those requirements deemed necessary and appropriate under rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the department.

(2) Wholesale medical gas distributors shall be exempt from any licensing and other requirements of the Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act to the extent not required under federal law but shall be licensed as wholesale drug distributors by the department for the limited purpose of engaging in the wholesale distribution of medical gases upon application to the department, payment of a licensure fee, and inspection of the applicant's facility by the department, except that the applicant may submit and the department may accept an inspection accepted in another state or an inspection conducted by a nationally recognized accreditation program approved by the board. For purposes of such licensure, wholesale medical gas distributors shall only be required to provide information required under subdivisions (1)(a) through (1)(c) of section 71-7448.

(3) The Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act does not apply to:

(a) An agent or employee of a licensed wholesale drug distributor who possesses drug samples when such agent or employee is acting in the usual course of his or her business or employment; or

(b) Any person who (i) engages in a wholesale transaction relating to the manufacture, distribution, sale, transfer, or delivery of medical gases the gross dollar value of which does not exceed five percent of the total retail sales of medical gases by such person during the immediately preceding calendar year and (ii) has either a pharmacy permit or license or a delegated dispensing permit or is exempt from the practice of pharmacy under subdivision (10) of section 38-2850.