Nebraska Revised Statute 71-7104

Chapter 71


Critical Incident Stress Management Program; created; duties.

There is hereby created the Critical Incident Stress Management Program. The focus of the program shall be to minimize the harmful effects of critical incident stress for emergency service personnel, with a high priority on confidentiality and respect for the individuals involved. The program shall:

(1) Provide a stress management session to emergency service personnel who appropriately request such assistance in an effort to address critical incident stress;

(2) Assist in providing the emotional and educational support necessary to ensure optimal functioning of emergency service personnel;

(3) Conduct preincident educational programs to acquaint emergency service personnel with stress management techniques;

(4) Promote interagency cooperation;

(5) Provide an organized statewide response to the emotional needs of emergency service personnel impacted by critical incidents;

(6) Develop guidelines for resilience training for first responders under section 48-101.01;

(7) Set reimbursement rates for mental health examinations and resilience training under section 48-101.01; and

(8) Set an annual limit on the hours or quantity of resilience training for which reimbursement is required under section 48-101.01.