Nebraska Revised Statute 71-6908

Chapter 71 Section 6908


Family or foster family abuse, neglect, or sexual assault; legislative findings and declarations; prosecution encouraged.

The Legislature recognizes and hereby declares that some teenage pregnancies are a direct or indirect result of family or foster family abuse, neglect, or sexual assault. The Legislature further recognizes that the actions of abuse, neglect, or sexual assault are crimes regardless of whether they are committed by strangers, acquaintances, or family members. The Legislature further recognizes the need for a parental consent bypass system as set out in section 71-6903 due to the number of unhealthy family environments in which some pregnant women reside. The Legislature encourages county attorneys to prosecute persons accused of committing acts of abuse, incest, neglect, or sexual assault pursuant to sections 28-319, 28-319.01, 28-320, 28-320.01, 28-703, and 28-707 even if the alleged crime is committed by a biological or adoptive parent, foster parent, or other biological, adoptive, or foster family member.