Nebraska Revised Statute 71-630

Chapter 71


Birth or death certificate; erroneous or incomplete; correction; department; duties.

(1) A birth or death certificate filed with the department may be amended only in accordance with this section and sections 71-635 to 71-644 and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto by the department as necessary and proper to protect the integrity and accuracy of records of vital statistics.

(2) A certificate that is amended under this section shall have a properly dated reference placed on the face of the certificate and state that it is amended, except as provided in subsection (4) of this section.

(3) Upon receipt of a certified copy of a court order changing the name of a person born in this state and upon request of such person or his or her parent, guardian, or legal representative, the department shall amend the certificate of birth to reflect the change in name.

(4) Upon request and receipt of a sworn acknowledgment of paternity of a child born out of wedlock signed by both parents, the department shall amend the certificate of birth to show such paternity if paternity is not shown on the birth certificate. Such certificate shall not be marked amended.


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