Nebraska Revised Statute 71-6226

Chapter 71 Section 6226


Director; prepare final report; recommendations.

(1) After receiving and considering reports from the committee or the board, the director shall prepare a final report for the Legislature. The final report shall include copies of the committee report and the board report, if any, but the director shall not be bound by the findings and recommendations of such reports. The director in compiling his or her report shall apply the criteria established in sections 71-6221 to 71-6223 and may consult with the board or the committee. The recommendation of the director shall be developed in a manner consistent with subsection (4) of section 71-6224. The final report shall be submitted electronically to the Speaker of the Legislature, the Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Legislature, and the Chairperson of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature no later than twelve months after the application is submitted to the director and found to be complete and shall be made available electronically to all other members of the Legislature upon request.

(2) The director may recommend that no legislative action be taken on an application. If the director recommends that an application of an applicant group be approved, the director shall recommend an agency to be responsible for the regulation and the level of regulation to be assigned to such applicant group.

(3) An application which is resubmitted shall be considered the same as a new application.