Nebraska Revised Statute 71-617.08

Chapter 71 Section 617.08


Delayed birth certificate; denial; appeal; procedure.

(1) If a delayed certificate of birth is denied by the department, a petition signed and sworn to by the petitioner may be filed with the county court of Lancaster County, of the county of the petitioner's residence, or of the county in which the birth is claimed to have occurred.

(2) The petition shall be made on a form prescribed and furnished by the department and shall allege:

(a) That the person for whom a delayed certificate of birth is sought was born in this state;

(b) That no certificate of birth of such person can be found in the files or records of the department;

(c) That diligent efforts by the petitioner have failed to obtain evidence required by sections 71-617.05 and 71-617.06 that is considered acceptable by the department;

(d) That the department has refused to register a delayed certificate of birth; and

(e) Such other allegations as may be required.