Nebraska Revised Statute 71-5830.01

Chapter 71


Certificate of need; exempt activities.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Nebraska Health Care Certificate of Need Act, a certificate of need is not required for:

(1) A change in classification between an intermediate care facility, a nursing facility, or a skilled nursing facility;

(2) A project of a county in which is located a city of the metropolitan class for which a bond issue has been approved by the electorate of such county on or after January 1, 1994;

(3) A project of a federally recognized Indian tribe to be located on tribal lands within the exterior boundaries of the State of Nebraska where (a) a determination has been made by the tribe's governing body that the cultural needs of the tribe's members cannot be adequately met by existing facilities if such project has been approved by the tribe's governing body and (b) the tribe has a self-determination agreement in place with the Indian Health Service of the United States Department of Health and Human Services so that payment for enrolled members of a federally recognized Indian tribe who are served at such facility will be made with one hundred percent federal reimbursement; and

(4) A transfer or relocation of long-term care beds from one facility to another entity in the same health planning region or any other health planning region. The receiving entity shall obtain a license for the transferred or relocated beds within two years after the transfer or relocation. The department shall grant an extension of such time if the receiving entity is making progress toward the licensure of such beds.