Nebraska Revised Statute 71-5735

Chapter 71


Tobacco retail outlet; sign required; waiver signed by employee; form; owner; duties.

(1) The owner of a tobacco retail outlet shall post a sign on all entrances to the tobacco retail outlet, on the outside of each door, in a conspicuous location slightly above or next to the door, with the following statement: SMOKING OF CIGARS AND PIPES IS ALLOWED INSIDE THIS BUSINESS. SMOKING OF CIGARETTES AND ELECTRONIC SMOKING DEVICES IS NOT ALLOWED.

(2) Beginning November 1, 2015, the owner shall provide to the Division of Public Health a copy of a waiver signed prior to employment by each employee on a form prescribed by the division. The waiver shall expressly notify the employee that he or she will be exposed to second-hand smoke, and the employee shall acknowledge that he or she understands the risks of exposure to second-hand smoke.

(3) The owner shall not allow cigarette smoking or the use of an electronic smoking device in the tobacco retail outlet.