Nebraska Revised Statute 71-567

Chapter 71


State Alzheimer's Plan.

(1)(a) No later than eighteen months after July 21, 2022, the council shall compile the findings and recommendations under the Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementia Support Act and submit them as a State Alzheimer's Plan to the Legislature and the Governor.

(b) Every four years thereafter, the council shall issue an updated State Alzheimer's Plan addressing the items in sections 71-565 and 71-566 and any other issues the council deems necessary and relevant toward addressing Alzheimer's disease and dementia in Nebraska.

(2) By October 1 of each year after the creation of the State Alzheimer's Plan, the council shall electronically submit to the Legislature and the Governor an annual report on the status of implementation of the State Alzheimer's Plan recommendations and any barriers to implementation.