Nebraska Revised Statute 71-5316

Chapter 71 Section 5316


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Safe Drinking Water Act means the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, as the act existed on May 22, 2001;

(2) Construction means any of the following: Preliminary planning to determine the feasibility of a safe drinking water project for a public water system; engineering, architectural, legal, fiscal, or economic investigations or studies; surveys, designs, plans, working drawings, specifications, procedures, or other necessary preliminary actions; erection, building, acquisition, alteration, remodeling, improvement, or extension of public water systems; or the inspection or supervision of any of such items;

(3) Council means the Environmental Quality Council;

(4) Department means the Department of Environmental Quality;

(5) Director means the Director of Environmental Quality;

(6) Operate and maintain means all necessary activities, including the normal replacement of equipment or appurtenances, to assure the dependable and economical function of a public water system in accordance with its intended purpose;

(7) Owner means any person owning or operating a public water system;

(8) Public water system has the definition found in section 71-5301; and

(9) Safe drinking water project means the structures, equipment, surroundings, and processes required to establish and operate a public water system.