Nebraska Revised Statute 71-531

Chapter 71


Test; anonymous testing; referral for treatment; person committed to the Department of Correctional Services; department; duties.

(1) A person seeking a human immunodeficiency virus test shall have the right to remain anonymous. If an anonymous test is requested, a health care provider shall confidentially refer such person to a site which provides anonymous testing.

(2) When a health care provider or a health facility performs a human immunodeficiency virus test and the result is positive, the person being tested shall be referred for posttest treatment.

(3) When a human immunodeficiency virus test is performed by licensed medical personnel of the Department of Correctional Services on an individual committed to such department, the person committed to the department shall be informed by the department (a) if he or she is being tested for the human immunodeficiency virus, (b) that education shall be provided to him or her about the human immunodeficiency virus, including, but not limited to, the identification and reduction of risks, and (c) of the test result and the meaning of such result. Posttest counseling shall be required for the subject of the test if such test is positive.