Nebraska Revised Statute 71-516.04

Chapter 71


Facility; disclosures required; department; duties.

(1) Any facility which offers to provide or provides care for persons with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or a related disorder by means of an Alzheimer's special care unit shall disclose the form of care or treatment provided that distinguishes such form as being especially applicable to or suitable for such persons. The disclosure shall be made to the department and to any person seeking placement within an Alzheimer's special care unit. The department shall examine all such disclosures in the records of the department as part of the facility's license renewal procedure at the time of licensure or relicensure.

(2) The information disclosed shall explain the additional care provided in each of the following areas:

(a) The Alzheimer's special care unit's written statement of its overall philosophy and mission which reflects the needs of residents afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or a related disorder;

(b) The process and criteria for placement in, transfer to, or discharge from the unit;

(c) The process used for assessment and establishment of the plan of care and its implementation, including the method by which the plan of care evolves and is responsive to changes in condition;

(d) Staff training and continuing education practices which shall include, but not be limited to, four hours annually for direct care staff. Such training shall include topics pertaining to the form of care or treatment set forth in the disclosure described in this section. The requirement in this subdivision shall not be construed to increase the aggregate hourly training requirements of the Alzheimer's special care unit;

(e) The physical environment and design features appropriate to support the functioning of cognitively impaired adult residents;

(f) The frequency and types of resident activities;

(g) The involvement of families and the availability of family support programs; and

(h) The costs of care and any additional fees.

(3) In order to qualify for a memory care endorsement, an assisted-living facility making a disclosure under this section shall comply with section 71-472.