Nebraska Revised Statute 71-511

Chapter 71 Section 511


Information or test; confidentiality.

(1) Information concerning any patient, individual, or test results obtained under sections 71-507 to 71-513 shall be maintained as confidential by the health care facility or alternate facility that received or tested the patient or individual, the designated physician, the patient's attending physician, the emergency services provider, the public safety official, and the provider agency except as provided by the Health Care Facility Licensure Act and sections 71-503.01 and 71-507 to 71-513 and the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to such act and sections. Such information shall not be made public upon subpoena, search warrant, discovery proceedings, or otherwise except as provided by such act and sections.

(2) The information described in subsection (1) of this section may be released with the written consent of the patient or individual or, if the patient or individual is deceased or incapable of giving informed consent, with the written consent of his or her next of kin, legal guardian, or personal representative of his or her estate.


Cross References

  • Health Care Facility Licensure Act, see section 71-401.