Nebraska Revised Statute 71-5004

Chapter 71 Section 5004


Department; web site and information support sheet; duties; perinatal hospice program; request to include information.

(1) The department shall create and organize geographically a list of perinatal hospice programs available in Nebraska and nationally. The department shall post such information on its web site and shall include an information support sheet in English and Spanish on the web site that can be printed and delivered by physicians and nurse practitioners to the pregnant woman as provided in section 71-5003. The web site and information support sheet shall be completed and available within ninety days after August 24, 2017. The web site and information support sheet shall include:

(a) A statement indicating that perinatal hospice is an innovative and compassionate model of support for the pregnant woman who finds out that her baby has a life-limiting condition and who chooses to continue her pregnancy;

(b) A general description of the health care services available from perinatal hospice programs; and

(c) Pertinent contact information that includes any twenty-four-hour perinatal hospice services available.

(2) A perinatal hospice program may request that the department include the program's informational material and contact information on the web site. The department may add the information to the web site upon request.