Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4814

Chapter 71 Section 4814


Organ and tissue donations; legislative findings; protocol; development.

The Legislature finds that the availability of donor organs and tissue can save the lives and restore the health and productivity of many Nebraskans. Every hospital in the state shall develop a protocol, appropriate to the hospital's capability, for identifying and referring potential donor organ and tissue availability in coordination with the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. The protocol shall require utmost care and sensitivity to the family's circumstances, views, and beliefs in all discussions regarding donation of organs or tissue. Hospitals shall be required to consult with existing organ and tissue agencies preparatory to establishing a staff training and education program in the protocol. This section and section 71-4816 are for the immediate preservation of the public health and welfare.


Cross References

  • Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, see section 71-4824.