Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4720

Chapter 71 Section 4720


Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; created; members; appointment; qualifications.

There is hereby created the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing which shall consist of nine members to be appointed by the Governor subject to approval by the Legislature. The commission members shall include three deaf persons, three hard of hearing persons, and three persons who have an interest in and knowledge of deafness and hearing loss issues. A majority of the commission members who are deaf or hard of hearing shall be able to express themselves through sign language. Employees of any state agency other than employees of the commission shall be eligible to serve on the commission. When appointing members to the commission, the Governor shall consider recommendations from individuals, organizations, and the public.

On September 13, 1997, all personnel, furniture, equipment, books, files, records, and other property of the Commission for the Hearing Impaired shall be transferred to the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


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