Nebraska Revised Statute 71-470

Chapter 71


Hospital pharmacy; license, when required; designate pharmacist in charge; duties; inspection.

(1) A hospital in which drugs or devices are compounded, dispensed, or administered pursuant to chart orders is not required to obtain a separate license for the hospital pharmacy, except that if the compounding or dispensing of drugs or devices is done in the pharmacy at the hospital for persons not registered as patients within the confines of the hospital, the hospital shall obtain a pharmacy license. Compounding in a hospital pharmacy may occur for any hospital which is part of the same health care system under common ownership or which is a member of or an affiliated member of a formal network or partnership agreement.

(2) Beginning January 1, 2016, each hospital shall designate a pharmacist licensed in this state as being the pharmacist in charge and responsible for the practice of pharmacy and medication use procedure in such hospital, including section 38-2867.02. The Board of Pharmacy or its designated representatives may examine and inspect the practice of pharmacy in any hospital licensed by the department.

(3) The pharmacist in charge of a hospital pharmacy shall establish and implement policies and procedures for the practice of pharmacy and medication use in the hospital.