Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4624

Chapter 71 Section 4624


License; application; fees; inspection.

(1) The application for the first or initial annual license shall be submitted with the requirements mentioned in section 71-4623 accompanied by the appropriate fees. The department by regulation shall charge engineering firms, mobile home park owners and operators, and other appropriate parties fees established by regulation for the review of plans and specifications of a mobile home park, the issuance of a license or permit, the inspection of a mobile home park, and any other services rendered at a rate which defrays no more than the actual costs of the services provided. All fees shall be paid as a condition of annual renewal of licensure or of continuance of licensure.

(2) All fees collected by the department shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Health and Human Services Cash Fund. Money credited to the fund pursuant to this section shall be used by the department for the purpose of administering the Uniform Standard Code for Mobile Home Parks.

(3) When any application is received, the department shall cause the mobile home park and appurtenances to be inspected by representatives of the department. When such inspection has been made and the department finds that all of the provisions of the Uniform Standard Code for Mobile Home Parks and the rules, regulations, and standards of the department have been met by the applicant, the department shall issue an annual license. Inspection by the department or its authorized representatives at any time of a mobile home park shall be a condition of continued licensure.


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